Agilent E2150A / 81250A system


Subject: Agilent E2150A / 81250A system
Agilent E2150A / 81250A System
NEW PRICE is OVER $1,200,000. Agilent E2150A / 81250A System Includes: E4894A 43.2 GB Pattern Generator Bundle E4895A 43.2 GB Error Detector Bundle 3x E8404A VXI Mainframes 3x E8491B Interfaces 16x E4861A Data Modules 16x E4862A Data Generators 16x E4863A Data Analyzers 2x E4808A 10.8 GB Clock Sources 1x 15446A 8-Line Trigger Input Module 1x E2153A 43.2 Gb/s Optical Receiver 1x E2154A 43.2 Gb/s Optical Modulator (NRZ, CSRZ, RZ) 1x E4868A 43.2 GB/s Multiplexer Module 1x E4869B 43.2 GB/s DeMux Module 1x 8164A Optical Mainframe 1x 81642A C-L Band Light Source 1x 81567A Optical Attenuator 1x 81635A Power Sensor Module 1x MPB EFA-P18 C+L Er3 Doped Fiber Amp 1x E3662B 2 Meter Rack and power supply 1x Computer Controller with 82350A interface, 81250 software, and E2150A GUI software.
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Warranty: This unit is in excellent physical and working condition. I am offering a 3 day right of return to ensure your satisfaction.