Agilent 8665A /4/8/10 4.2 ghz sig. gen. hi-perf.


Subject: Agilent 8665A /4/8/10 4.2 ghz sig. gen. hi-perf.
8665A High-Performance Signal Generator, 4.2 GHz The Agilent 8665A signal generator is suited for basic receiver testing up to 4.2 GHz. With Option 004 (low-noise enhancement), it can be used for out-of-channel receiver testing or as a clock source where having the lowest phase jitter is important. Radar testing can be done by adding Option 008 (pulse modulation) . Pulse width and delay can be internally adjusted between 50 ns and 999 ns, eliminating the need for an external pulse generator. Standard FM rates of up to 2 MHz and deviations to 20 MHz are suitable for many applications such as high-speed digital communications. Features * < -140 dBc/Hz typical SSB phase noise at 20 kHz offset at 1 GHz with Option 004 * < -100 dBc nonharmonic spurious to 2 GHz reduces error when testing spurious immunity of receivers * AM, FM, and optional pulse modulation * 0.01 Hz frequency resolution