Agilent 83487A opt. C26 for 83480A 86100A


Subject: Agilent 83487A opt. C26 for 83480A 86100A
Agilent 83487A Opt. C26 for 83480A 86100A
The purpose of the plug-in module is to provide measurement channels, including sampling, for the mainframe. The plug-in module scales the input signal, sets the bandwidth of the system, and allows the offset to be adjusted so the signal can be viewed. The output of the plug-in module is an analog signal that is applied to the ADCs on the acquisition boards inside the mainframe. The plug-in module also provides a trigger signal input to the time base/trigger board inside the mainframe.
The Agilent 83487A optical/electrical plug-in module is one of several plug-in modules available for the Agilent 83480A, 54750A mainframes. The main features of the Agilent 83487A are:
Integrated, calibrated optical channel.
2.85 GHz optical channel bandwidth and user selectable 12.4 or 20 GHz electrical channel bandwidth.
750 nm to 860 nm wavelength range.
Optical channel has 1063/1250 Mb/s datacom filters.
?m (maximum) multimode, user selectable optical input connector option.
Electrical measurement channel.
Trigger channel input to the mainframe.
3.5 mm (m) connectors on the electrical measurement channel and trigger channel.
One probe power connector.
One auxiliary power connector.
Used, in good working condition
* offers 30 days warranty.
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