Agilent 71612B 12 gb/s bert 70843B 83752A uhf uhj 806


Subject: Agilent 71612B 12 gb/s bert 70843B 83752A uhf uhj 806
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The Agilent 71612B error performance analyzer addresses applications for high speed digital testing up to 12 Gb/s, including R&D and manufacturing test of lightwave components and sub-assemblies, advanced computer technology and high-capacity communication systems.
The analyzer operates from 1 to 12 Gb/s and will operate down to 100 Mb/s with a clock-source extension. Features include high quality waveforms, versatile triggering, and sufficient memory for running multiple SONET and SDH frames at OC-192/STM-64. Use error location analysis to help identify the cause of pattern-dependent errors.
This unit has the following features:
* Frequency range: Pattern generator, error detector 100 MHz to 12 GHz
* Test patterns: PRBS 2^31 - 1, 2^23 - 1, 2^15 - 1, 2^10 - 1, 2^7 - 1, User-defined (max) 8 Mbit via 3-1/2 inch disk (MS-DOSĀ®* format)
* Zero substitution: Pattern length 2^13, 2^11, 2^10, 2^7
* Variable mark density ratio on patterns 2^13, 2^11, 2^10, 2^7
* STM-64 and STS-192 Samples supplied on disk
* Measurements: Error count/ratio, Errored/error free intervals
This system has the following options:
* UHF - 0.1 to 12 Gb/s error performance analyzer with patterngenerator and error detector
* UHJ - Adds enhanced error location analysis to help identify sources of systematic errors
* 806 - Replaces HP 70340A standard clock source (1 to 12 Gb/s) with HP 83752A clock source (0.1 to 12 Gb/s),extending the operation of the system down to 100 Mb/s
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