Agfa dental x-ray film M2-58 #2 100 boxes, kulzer


Subject: Agfa dental x-ray film M2-58 #2 100 boxes, kulzer
Agfa Film M2-58 E/F Speed #2 150/Bx
100 Boxes of Agfa Dental X-Ray Film M2-58 #2 150pk Single
This is for a case of 100 films you get 20 FREE with order if you break it down per box after you get the 20 free it comes to only $26.93 per box
Intraoral (AGFA Dentus M2 comfort) and extraoral (AGFA Dentus Ortholux or AGFA Dentus RP6) X-ray films are supplied in all standard sizes used in daily practice. The required intensifying screens and a new-type, all-plastic cassette for taking extraoral X-rays are also available. All AGFA Dentus X-ray films produce high quality images at low levels of radiation.
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