Agfa curix CP1000 automatic film processor


Subject: Agfa curix CP1000 automatic film processor
Ideally suited for veterinary facilities. Delivers high quality radiographs in only 125 seconds. Fast, 7 minute warm-up time. Easy to operate and install. Light-tight feed tray cover is standard. No plumbing hookup is required. Unit has an infra-red dryer which requires no venting. Quiet operation while productive, convenient 1.3 gallon (5 Liter) replenisher bottles, allows smaller .65 gallon (2.5 Liter) mixes keeping chemicals fresh and are easy to use.
*Most user friendly and easiest to maintain and clean processor on market today.
*Automatic replenishment mode.
*5 liter chemical replenishment bottles Fixer/Developer/Wash, (1.3 gallons each).
*Smallest Developer, Fixer and Wash tank tray size available at 28 oz. Saves chemicals.
*Accepts film sizes 4" x 4" to 14" x 17".
*125 second film processing cycle time, Example: 60- 10 x 12's will process per hour.
*Infra-red film dryer requires 50% less time and air volume-reduces darkroom odor.
*Cold water operation. No cold water supply line plumbing hookup reduces installation time and cost.
*26" x 26" minimum counter top space required.
*Dimensions: 39" W x 251/2"D x 1711
*120 vac 9 amp max current draw
*Uses 400 Watts as compared to 1500 with other film processors. Uses only 100 Watts in standby mode.
*Straight through film processing path, uses less rollers, eliminates film jams & reduces artifacts.
*Infra-red film dryer section requires 50% less time & air volume to dry film, reducing darkroom odors.
*Smallest Developer, Fixer and Wash tank tray size available 28 ounces. Tank/tray replenishment 10% rejuvenation each time a film is processed saves on chemicals and is easy and fast to clean.
*Automatically metered wash water replenishment uses less water and allows bottled water to be used (not distilled).
*Independent Developer and Fixer tank heaters Increases Developer life & reduces warm up time.
*Automatic Developer/Fixer[Wash tank fill feature with fluid level control , maintains full tank levels at all times, even during low film usage and fluid evaporation.