Aeroflex MLS800 mls 800 ground station simulator


Subject: Aeroflex MLS800 mls 800 ground station simulator
Factory Refurbised and Calibrated in factory sealed box.
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MLS-800 Microprocessor Controlled Ground Station Simulator
The MLS-800 is a microprocessor controlled Ground Station Simulator designed to operate from a bench test environment. Test parameters are selected via a 44-position keyboard and displayed on test operational menus.
Test Operational Menu supports ICAO 1985 and EUROCAE ED-53A and ED-36A
Complete Main Path Simulation:
Approach (AZ) and High Rate Azimuth (HiAZ)
Complete Multi-path (MP) Simulation Capability:
Selectable Fade Rate Modulation of 0.05, 1 and 1000 Hz
Control of all Beam Parameters:
Beam Amplitude Referenced to the Preamble
Selectable Beam Width at 0.5°, 1°, 2°, 3°,4° or 5°
Designating PFE and CMN Function
Designating Multi-path Function
Preamble Parity, Symmetry and Percent Update
Simulates all Basic Data Words plus Auxiliary Data Words with Parity Selection
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