Adjustable variable frequency drive afd vfd inverter 60


Subject: Adjustable variable frequency drive afd vfd inverter 60
VTAC Adjustable Variable Frequency Drive AFD VFD inverter 60hp with Motor Control Box 480 volt 250 Amp fused disconnect/circuit breaker. VFD is a Reliance Electric Variable Torque 5VU41060 90 amps
This is more than just a variable frequency drive. It is a complete 60 horsepower, 250 amp motor control box with circuit breakers, disconnect switches, by-pass switch and fuses. The VFD part is generally on the left side and the Fused Disconnect Switch Circuit breaker part is on the Right side.
Current replacement cost of just the VFD part is over $7000. With the other 250 amp components in this unit, it would easily cost over $10,000 for new replacement of the whole unit.
See the following link for factory VTAC information index.
Reliance VTAC7 Literature Guide D-105
It looks like this unit is set up so you can power the motor directly without going through the VFD if you just want straight line frequency drive.
The images that follow basically give you a tour of the guts of this unit. This part is probably only of interest to engineers and techs who like to see how things are made.
The image above shows the input power disconnect bypass switch circuit breaker and fuses. It is not actually clear to us how the By-Pass function works. The image below gives a somewhat closer view of the breaker-switch.
We have rotated the image above so you can try to read the fuse labels.
The image below shows the 3-pole motor output.
The image above shows the 250 amp breaker switch on the VFD side of the box. The image below shows the big IGBT's that make the inverter work (they are the 6 black modules)..
The images here show the lower end of the VFD side.
Reliance Electric Variable Torque 5VU41060 90 amps in 0 to 470 volts out 5 to 60 hz 78 amps.
This is a VTAC V or 5 unit. Current factory sales are VTAC 7 and 9.
The spare fuse and circuit board shown below are included.
Overall dimensions are about 27 inches wide by 45 tall by 16 deep.
Additional similar items may be listed separately or available on request.
Might be just what you need for your really serious variable frequency AC inverter drive application.
Condition looks excellent used. We just pulled it out of a factory where it was in service until the factory closed. It had been running a big exhaust fan. A second matching unit is available.
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