Adhesive technologies B600S pheumatic hot spray system


Subject: Adhesive technologies B600S pheumatic hot spray system
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Manufacturer: Adhesive Technologies
Type/Category: Hot Melt Applicator
Description: Adhesive Tech™ B-600S Pneumatic Hot Spray System The Adhesive Tech™ B600-S Hot Spray System is an effective, safe, OSHA-compliant, non-toxic alternative to aerosol adhesives. Plus, the B600-S delivers significant savings over the typical hot spray or VOC method. Designed to be used with both high-temp and low-temp glues, the Adhesive Tech™ B600-S Hot Spray System represents state-of-the-art engineering that meets the needs of the industrial job site. This precision tool features several unique controls.
A unique adjustable spray nozzle that allows the operator to change the range of spray quickly and easily. Extrusion pattern can be adjusted from a tight pinpoint to a wide, overall spray pattern.
The variable electronic temperature control, allowing the operator to select the optimum temperature for the selected glue. Range: 210-degrees F to 400-degrees F.
Air pressure gauges are built right into the stand, allowing precision control and optimum glue application for production needs.