Acer - high precision surface - model # supra-618-ii


Subject: Acer - high precision surface - model # supra-618-ii
Acer - High Precision Surface - Model # Supra-618-II
* Front mount spindle with run-out within 0.00008".
* Table overall flatness within 0.00012".
* Wheel guard with capacity for 8" wheel.
* Longitudinal table stroke is 20".
* Continuous loop-cog timing belt system.
* Adjustable longitudinal table stops.
* Meehanite casted saddle with Double-V Turcite ways.
* Safety 24 volt circuit control.
* Push button manual starter with overload protection.
* Distance between Double-V is 19.6" apart.
* The width of machine base is 22".
* FC 25 machine base weighs more than 1,584 lbs.
* Maximum work load at 320 lbs.
Acer High Precision Surface Grinder.
"Acer" 6x18" Permanent Magnetic Chuck
"Acer" 6x18" Electr fine pole chuck w/control
"Walker" 6x18" Permanent Magnetic Chuck/Fine Pole
"Walker" 6x18" Elector Fine Pole Chuck with Control
Dust Suction and Coolant System
Coolant System with Paper Filter
Coolant System with Magnetic Separator and Paper Filter
Bracket and Installation Fee for DRO