Accu-fab afs 1290 servo controller w/ stages & host pc


Subject: Accu-fab afs 1290 servo controller w/ stages & host pc
Accu-Fab AFS 1290 Servo Controller w/ Stages & Host PC
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Accu-Fab Systems Servo ControllerModel: AFS 1290 Controller Comes with Heidenhain Motorized Stages:2x 1-Axis Linear Stage X (PN: 40317511)1x 2-Axis Linear Stage XY1x 3-Axis Linear Stage XYZ1x Rotation Stage1x Host PC (HP Vectra)AFS 1290 Servo Controller Operations Hardware ReferenceAccu-Fab Systems Candescent Merge Tool AFS 97097AFS Servo Control C Programming Reference SYSTEM COMPONENTS The AFS 1290 Servo Controller consists of the following major components:
* 19" rack-mountable chassis with fully enclosed power supplies (AFS 3611)
* Card cage which holds the following plug-in card options:
* 1x Host Interface (AFS 3641)
* 1x System Control (servo/ESTOP, Bit I/O) (AFS 3625)
* 8x Servo Axis Control - LM628-based (AFS 3620)
* 8x Motor Driver (AFS 3630)
* 2x Digital I/O (16 inputs, 16 outputs) (AFS 3650)
* 1x Analog I/O (16 inputs, 4 outputs) (AFS 3660)
* 1x Single Axis Servo Control (AFS 3622)
The AFS 1290 Servo Controller acts as a peripheral to a host computer. System component PCB's are inserted in an internal card cage in the 1290 controller chassis to make a complete system. This system supports:
* up to 8 high power servo axes or 4 low power servo axes (brush and/or brushless type motors);
* a mix of up to 128 digital inputs, 64 digital outputs;
* analog inputs/analog outputs;
* up to 8 torque/speed controlled screwdriver controls.
A bit I/O interface is included for I/O expansion.
Each axis of a device controlled by the 1290 servo controller uses a motor/encoder combination to generate motion. Motion is programmed using a host computer with display and external keyboard.
Programs can be stored on the host computer hard disk or on floppy disks. In a standard 1290 configuration, the card cage motherboard is connected to the host computer using a subset fo the PCAT bus called the AFS IOChannel2. However, other interfaces are possible, since the host interface is implemented as a plug-in card.
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