Ab machinery & neutec trans logic indust. laser welder


Subject: Ab machinery & neutec trans logic indust. laser welder
AB MACHINERY & Neutec Laser Welder
MD 7500 with The Trans Logic™ Advantage
This is a brand new MD 7500 laser welder designed for precise welding of nearly any metal or bimetal whether you need a one quick weld or all-day production. Wit a maximum power of 75 joules (65 watts avg. output power) coupled with a very small heat-affected zone, the 150 quickly and effectively handles every job put under its laser beam.
MD 7500 Laser Welder with Trans Logic
• TransLogic™-enhanced optics enable a higher-duty cycle output (average power) with fewer joules. For example: most 100- to 120-joule machines without TransLogic produce 35–50 watts of average power; the 75-joule MD7500™ with TransLogic delivers 65 watts of average power.
• TransLogic™ transfers energy from source to target with far less loss.
• Super-high TransLogic™ refractive index optics deliver more energy to the target piece.
• With TransLogic™ higher-efficiency components, the machine runs cooler with less stress so that critical-wear parts deliver a significantly longer service life and less maintenance.
• With excess energy reduced through TransLogic™ efficiency, flash lamps can deliver up to twice as many pulses as those in systems with lower efficiency.
• The stabilized light path created by TransLogic™ requires no adjustment.
• TransLogic™ ensures tight, repeatable control over lens parameters.
The advanced ergonomics built into the MD7500™ laser welder minimizes physical stress to the operator and maximizes effective use of floor space.
• Repair heirlooms, stone-set jewelry, timepieces and fragile or intricate components—even eyeglasses.
• Repair metal defects, such as porosity, in cast pieces.
• Eliminate the need for torches and soldering—especially for production runs.
• Create seamless welds—even multiple welds—with no off-color solder joints.
• Ensure a safe, toxic-free work environment.
Input power: 230VAC (±10%), 50/60Hz,
Output pulse energy: 0.25–75 joules
Pulse duration: 0.5–15.0 milliseconds
Spot diameter: 0.3–2.0mm @ 200mm focal length
Dimensions: 20"W x 361/2"D x 47"H
• Standard stereo-microscope (optional zoom available)
• Optional alpha pod projection microscope available
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