AB150 plastic injector injection molding machine molder


Subject: AB150 plastic injector injection molding machine molder
AB Plastic Injector plastic injection molding machinery
The AB-150 hydro-pneumatic plastic injector combines the economy of our manual plastic injector with the power of a lever operated 2 ton power clamp. The AB-150 plastic injector is based on an ergonomical workstation design with the added convenience of an adjustable mold stop with automatic ejector.
The AB-150 is an ergonomically designed tabletop manual plastic injector featuring a 2 ton power clamp. Injection capacity is ¼ oz and maximum mold size is 2 ½â€ x 3” x 2”. This economical machine is designed to facilitate quick production of parts with the economy of a manual injection machine.
Designed and manufactured by AB Machinery, AB Plastic Injectors are ergonomic tabletop and floor model plastic injection molding machines designed to inject plastic into metal molds for prototyping, R&D and short production runs. AB plastic injection machines can inject up to 1/4oz or up to 1/2oz shot sizes with clamp ranges of 2 ton, 2.5 ton and 5 ton. AB plastic injectors are perfect for a variety of uses within the electronics, jewelry and medical device manufacturers and other specialized applications requiring small plastic parts as well as applications in a cleanroom environment.
All the AB series plastic injectors are fully transportable and require no permanent installation. Known for their mark of safety and commitment to quality, AB Machinery plastic injectors are now certified by the UL©. For more information contact AB Machinery toll free at .
Sold worldwide, AB plastic injectors have saved companies time and money. For more information on AB plastic injection machines, contact us today toll-free in the U.S.A. and Canada at , or at (country code 1) .