A.m.s. extrusion puller & flyknife cutter package


Subject: A.m.s. extrusion puller & flyknife cutter package
AMS 6" X 30" New Extrusion Puller
5. New C face right angle Gear Box
6. Pneumatic Open and Closing of Belts
7. Geared 0-100 FPM. Or 0-300 Other speeds available
10. Will Handle extrusions up to 6” wide
11. New Polyurethane 3/4" Thick Belts design for heavy pulling needs
12. Float-a-shaft right angle drives
1. New Fly Knife cutter mounted on 24” X 24” Cold Roll Frame.
2. 1” Thick Aluminum Top Plate
3. 42 ½” Centerline Unless Otherwise Specified.
5. Digital Dual Preset Counter For Cut To Length Feature and Batch Counting.
7. Encoder Mounting Bracket for Mounting on Puller.
9. Capable of 2 Inch Diameter Product.
13. Machine Jack Screws For Height Adjustment.
14. Casters For easy Movement.
15. Available in all Voltages.
16. All Electrical Components Housed In NEMA 12 Enclosure
17. Super Duty Wrap Spring Clutch Rated For Long Lasting Maintenance Free Service
19. Capable of 300 Cuts per minute
Many Standard Features On This Machine Are Options On Versa And Other Manufactures: Encoder, Dual Preset Counter, Jack Screws, Casters, etc.