96" grapple root rake bucket skid loader steer bobcat


Subject: 96" grapple root rake bucket skid loader steer bobcat
New heavy duty 96" Grapple bucket for skid loader
* Heavy Duty Grapple Buckets ** Construction by Experienced US Skid Loader Attachment Manufacturer
96" Heavy Duty Grapple Rake. Designed for the largest Skid loaders only. This thing is massive- Don't let all that power go to waist !!
Sizes Available: 60", 66", 72", 78", 84", 96" see other listings
Heavy Duty Commercial Use Construction
* 1st Quality ½" Steel Tines Top & Bottom
* Ram Protection Plates Front and Top (This helps keep debris from scaring & damaging your Cylinder Ram)
* Double American Made re-pacableCylinders that will work independently
* Enclosed Parker Hoses with New Style Flat Facing Parker Couplings
* Counter-Sunk Grease Fittings (added protection to keep them from getting broke)
* 3" Round 1/4" wall HD Pipe
* 4" X 4" Square Tubing with 1/4" wall
* More “Teeth” at the end of the bottom tines to help hold & grab better
* Top Tines Open 34"-34 ½" For all that high Volume Material
* Gussets on both sides of each bottom tine for better support and longer tine life.