#9554 - flow WMC2-4040 waterjet machining center


Subject: #9554 - flow WMC2-4040 waterjet machining center
250mm (9.8") pneumatic actuated Z-axis with 175mm (6.9") effective usuable travel
Approximate work table height of 850mm (33.5")
Machine Positional Specifications (per linear axis):
Linear accuracy rate: +/- 0.001 inch/foot
Base bridge axes linear positional accuracy over entire envelope of travel: +/- 0.003"
Base and bridge axes repeatability +/- 0.001 inch/foot
Horizontal straightness, not to exceed +/- 0.003 "
Accuracy (positional) +/- 0.01 deg.
Machine Dynamic Motion Ranges:
Rapid traverse maximum 1375 IPM
Dynamic waterjet (DWJ) precision Z-axis 2
5-Axis kinematics with articulated A/B wrist 2
Precision quick clamp cutting head mount 2
PASER ECL Abrasivejet Cutting System; DWJ 2
Precision PASER cutting head; Dynamic waterjet 2
Dual abrasive bulk transfer system; 2200 lb. 1
DuraFlow orifice mount assembly; PASER ECL 4
ECL Premium mixing tube; PASER ECL 12
Dynamic waterjet start-up kit 2
Final filter assembly 1 Final filter manual 1
PASER conversion to Waternife pure waterjet cutting kit for Dynamic Waterjet 2
Orifice mount assembly for water cutting only 6
WMC UltraPierce vacuum assist with factory integration; one required per cutting station 2
Heavy-duty WMC cleancut material support system; 4m x 4m 1
FlowMaster PC-based controller 1
FlowCUT software with DWJ predictive mathematical models and active tolerance control 1
Cutting shop PF raster-to-vector software (English only) 1
WMC Advanced Electronic Control System: 1
PC hardware and Profibus digital communications
Solid state integrated motor control; 460V only 1
100i-D II;60,000 psi ESL intensifier pump(100 hp) 1
Completely integrated with control system 1