#9501 - weinig 3-spindle planing & molding machine


Subject: #9501 - weinig 3-spindle planing & molding machine
Working width (at cutting circle diameter 5") 3/8" to 9-1/16"
Working height (at cutting circle diameter 5") 5/32" to 4-3/4"
Clamping length of horizontal spindles 9-29/64"
Clamping length of vertical spindle 5-1/8"
Feed speed, adjustable between 20 - 78 ft/min
Diameter of feed rollers 2 x 2"
Width of rollers opposite left spindle 1 x 2", 1 x 5/16" Diameter of driven roller in outfeed table 4"
Width of rollers in outfeed table 2" and 5/8"
Pneumatic pressure for feed rollers, max. 116 psi
Adjustment range of straightening table and edge jointing fence 3/8"
Adjustment range of vertical spindle (axial) 2-3/8"
Axial adjustment of horizontal spindles, axial (except 1st bottom spindle) 1-9/16"
Axial adjustment range of 1st bottom spindle when using groove guide or reference engraver 5/32" (beyond fence level)
Setting accuracy of digital read-outs .002"
Length of straightening table 6' 6"
Operating voltage 220/440 volts
Max. tool cutting circle 5-11/16"
Max. tool cutting circle 7-7/8"
Max. tool cutting circle 7-7/8"
Feed motor 5.5 HP (20 - 78 ft/min)
1st Spindle below the table 10 HP
2nd / 3rd Spindles right/left 10 HP
Reduced distance between feed rollers
Groove guide hardened with special insert - 4mm
Free-wheel gear for infeed roller
Special two-section groove cutter TCT (100 x 120mm)
Ambitech electric motor brakes