#9414 - toyoda FA550 cnc horizontal machining center


Subject: #9414 - toyoda FA550 cnc horizontal machining center
Rotary index table increments 1 deg.
Pallet height (from floor) 43.3"
Work table lateral travel (X) 28"
Spindle head vertical travel (Y) 28"
Spindle nose to rotary table center 5.9" - 27.95"
Spindle nose to top face of pallet 2.0" - 29.9"
Rapid traverses (X,Y,Z) 790 ipm
Cutting feedrate (X,Y,Z) .04 - 315 ipm
Spindle speed (infinitely variable) 100 - 10,000 rpm
Spindle diameter (front bearing ID) 3.15"
Spindle nose taper ISOR 297 #50
Type of stored tool Holder MAS CAT #50
Maximum tool size (diameter x length) 4.7" x 15.7"
Tool to tool change cycle time 2.0 sec
Spindle drive motor AC30 HP for 15 min
Oil: Hydraulic oil (DTE Oil Light) 10.6 gal.
Spindle head lubrication (Velocite #3) 4.8 gal.
Spindle head lubrication (Velocite #4) 1.3 gal.
Slideway lubrication (Vactra #2) 1.3 gal.
Linear position accuracy +/- .00012 full stroke
Linear repeatability +/- .00006
Rotary index table accuracy +/- 3 sec. of arc
Maximum work load (on pallet) 1,760 lbs.
Automatic spindle nose air blow
Run hour display (CRT display)
Automatic centralized lubrication
Automatic pallet changer with two pallets
Automatic lift-up front discharge chip conveyor
Coolant introducing block on the spindle for thru-tool
Isolated recirculating coolant supply unit (170 gal/50 psi)
Optional Equipment: Coolant thru spindle system