850-ton die cast machine, aluminum or magnesium


Subject: 850-ton die cast machine, aluminum or magnesium
B & T / EXCELLO - 850-Ton Die Cast Machine; S/N 7625 (1976-Rebuilt 1993);
Cold Chamber; Set-Up to Run Aluminum or Magnesium; Tie Bar Centerline
Spacing 43" H x 43" W; Tie Bar Dia. 7" Tie Bar Clearance 36 1/2"; Ejector Platen
Dimensions 61" H x 61" W x 13-3/4" W' Thick; 2nd Platen Dimensions 64" H x
64" W x 13-1/2" Thick; Min. Die Thickness 18"; Max. Die Thickness 39"; Allen
Bradley 2/17 PLC Controls; Hydraulic Powered Die Height Adjustment;
Accumulator Assist Die Close Circuit; Wolniak High Speed Shot End; (2 Sets)
Back Core Pulls; (1 Set) Front Core Pulls; Hydraulic Center Plate Ejection;
Hydraulic Bumper Plate Ejection; Rimrock Automatic Plunger Tip Lubricator;
Adjustable Rod Type Intensifier; 75-HP With Vickers 1200-RPM Vane Type
Hydraulic Pump; Autotech Programmable Shot Control (Machine #51)
364 1 0 RIMROCK - 310 Servo-Driven Reciprocating Die Lube Spray With Multi-Link