814PRO-13 concrete chainsaw package (71675)


Subject: 814PRO-13 concrete chainsaw package (71675)
Includes: 814PRO Powerhead, 13" Guidebar, TwinPRO-25 Diamond Chain
For all those times when you don't really need a full-size concrete saw, for those tight places where a larger saw won't fit or can't cut a small enough opening, ICS has the answer.
The 814PRO is a rugged, reliable tool designed for the rigors of construction, yet it's smaller and lighter than our other hydraulic tools.
The 814PRO saw is a wet-cutting system which uses water for eliminating airborne dust and for cleaning and lubricating the moving parts of the diamond chain. Using ICS diamond chains with SealPro
, water can be supplied from an ordinary garden hose.
Ideal for utility work, like plumbing or electrical openings, the 814PRO saw will cut openings as small as 3.5 x 3.5 inches. No construction site should be without at least one.
* All the benefits of diamond chain technology in a compact, easy to use size.
* Perfect corners, without overcutting
* Plunge cuts up to 13-inches deep
* Very small openings (3.5 inches x 3.5 inches)
* Costs less than full size hydraulic saws
* Reliable and low maintenance
* Hydraulic system and integrated design extremely rugged and easy to service
Stretch Reduction System (S.R.S.) maximizes chain life, and reduces need for adjustments
* Quick and easy clean-up when used with TSS system.
* Optimized short loop chain design for minimum chain cost and maximum performance
* Automatic water valve minimizes water mess and cleanup.
* Built-in WallWalker provides leverage advantage to make cutting easier.
* Short hydraulic pigtails with flush-face connectors for quick attachment to powerpack or mobile skid loader
* Quick change motor cartridge and seal, without plumbing
* Quick change rim-type sprocket
* Easy conversion for use with SpeedHook
* Can be used with higher flow systems ONLY with flow adapter (ICS part number 70350)
* 4950 fpm (25 m/s), free running
* HTMA 1/2-inch Flush-Face
* 2,500 psi working pressure
* 3.5 meters/second (front handle)