8-axis motorized precision stage assembly + 5 drivers


Subject: 8-axis motorized precision stage assembly + 5 drivers
8-Axis motorized precision stage assembly with 5 stepper motor drivers.
The image above shows both the 8 axis mechanical assembly and the electronics box with 5 stepper motor drivers propped up at an angle for display.
Overall dimensions are about 21" wide by 28" front to back by 29" tall. The frame appears to be anodized aluminum.
There are two primary sections to the assembly. The lower section is the "wafer positioning stage" with x, y, z and rotation axis. The upper section is the "optics positioning unit" with x, y, z and objective axis.
The wafer stage was designed for 8" semiconductor wafers and has a gold plated vacuum chuck. The x of the wafer stage looks to have about 10 inches of travel. They y looks like about 12". We don't know what the vertical movement is.
The optics section looks to have about 2" of travel in x, y & z. The 4'th axis of this section rotates an objective nose-piece about an optical 90 degree mirror or prism to position different power objective lenses. There is also an air-cylinder powered axis and a couple of un-connected horizontal slides on this part.
The wafer stage section is featured in the image below.
As currently setup, the wafer stage rotation is limited to less than 180 degrees.
The vertical drive motion and motor are located inside the round base unit under the gold plated vacuum chuck.
The images above and below feature the upper optical section.
The left most stepper motor in the image above drives the objective nose rotation.
The objective nose assembly is on the right, above the gold plated chuck, in the image below.
The objective nose holds up to 3 lenses and is shown close-up, rotated 180 degrees from normal, in the image below.
The 9'th air cylinder powered axis is shown in the image above (view is looking down from above).
There are 4 air-puck pneumatic vibration isolators that this assembly sat on in the foreground of the image above.
The electronics box has a power supply and stepper motor drivers for 5 of the 8 axis. The drives for 3 of the axis are gone.
Things are a bit dusty as shown in the close view below.
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Might be just what you need for your
precision multi-axis motion control application.
Condition looks used in excellent condition as shown.
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