7X-45X zoom stereo microscope with darkfield $550.00


Subject: 7X-45X zoom stereo microscope with darkfield $550.00
Binocular Stereo Zoom Microscope with Dark field attachment for Gemology & Embryology
* The microscope offers superior quality optics and mechanical systems.
* This exceptional quality allows users toperform tasks efficiently, maintaining high productivity.
* The microscope has a zoom ratioof 6.4:1 with standard WF10X/20 eyepieces.
* The images are sharp, clear, flat and having a good resolution even at perphery of the field.
* Binocular body is inclined at 45 degrees for fatigue free viewing, rotated through 360 degrees and locked at any position.
* Ergonically positioned bilateral ocular tubes are interlocked for improved operatability.
The JEWEL ATTACHMENT is used to distinguish between genuine and imitation gems,
* To inspect surface inclusions.
* To judge origin of production.
The microscope is provided with transmitted and incident light system, darkfield attachment and a gem clamp.
45-degrees inclined Binocular head can be rotated through 360-deg.
Rack and Pinion focussing system, single stroke upto 50mm.
Standard magnification from 7x to 45x (zooming ratio 1:6.4)
Incident and transmitted illumination 20W, halogen lamps.
High point Wide Field Eypiece HWF 10x in pair.
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