79 chevy dump for parts; 3208 cat; allison auto; 2 axle


Subject: 79 chevy dump for parts; 3208 cat; allison auto; 2 axle
1979 Chevy Dump for Parts; 3208 Cat Engine; Allison Automatic Transmission; Twin Axle.
The engine is a Cat 3208, it is not turbo charged. We put batteries in it and run it every so often and it has always started right up even after sitting for a few months. It was always a strong runner and would pull well. We never had any cooling problems with it. We DO NOT know how many miles are on it. We cannot guarantee anything about the engine and how much life is left in it, we can just say how it performed for us when we used it on the farm.
The automatic transmission always shifted well and never gave us a problem when we used it. Both rear ends were in good shape and never gave us any problems. The brakes worked fine but we don't know how much life is left in them. Power steering always worked fine. Being a county truck it has a lot of valving on the body. The box cylinder and hydraulic pump worked fine when we last used it. They all go with the truck.
There are a lot of usable parts still on the truck. Everything goes, engine, trans, hydraulics, etc. EXCEPT the tires and rims. WE WILL REMOVE ALL THE TIRES AND RIMS BEFORE LOADING. We can load the truck on a flat bed trailer or you can bring two front tires and a tow truck can pull it.
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