75TON-6OZ screw extruder loaded injection molding press


Subject: 75TON-6OZ screw extruder loaded injection molding press
Horizontal USM Farrel 75-6 Heated Screw Extruder Loaded Injection Molding Press.
There are 35 images that follow so if this item is of interest to you, you might want to take a short break while they load.
We take the 75 to be tons of force and the 6 to be ounces of injection charge size.
The image above and below are the same but with different exposures due to the lighting conditions when they were taken.
We believe the following link is the current factory website:
The heated screw extrusion loader is on the right side top in the image above. The hydraulic power supply is below it. The molding form section is in the middle top. The press is on the left top. A lot of electrical stuff is left bottom.
The hopper shown in the image below feeds the heated screw extruder.
The heated screw extruder is driven by the yellow hydarulic motor shown in the images above and below.
There are electricals on either side of the bottom of the press end of the unit.
The ends of the press area are shown above and below (opposing views).
The images above and below show the outside of the threaded tube that sticks through the far left end of the unit. We assume the hydraulic cylinder in the center is either for part ejection or mold retraction.
The image above shows the output end of the heated screw extruder that loads the molds.
The handles got bent when this machine was moved at some time in the past.
While this unit seems to be complete, some things like some of the solenoid valves need to be put back together or replaced.
The basket shown above and below contains parts we believe belong to this unit. There are numerous wedge step-block mounts and temperature or pressure sensors.
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Might be just what you need for your older used 75 ton injection molding extruder press application.
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