75" log grapple & R6 continuous rotator


Subject: 75" log grapple & R6 continuous rotator
Brand New GR75 Log Grapple with R6 Hydraulic Rotator Head.
* This Log Grapple & Hydraulic Rotator Head are available as a unit (as shown in photo) for installation on your own Supporting Structure, and it should be on a Significant Backhoe, Excavator, Truck Loader, etc!
* Comes complete & ready to install including hoses & fittings as shown in photo!
* Your Significant Machine will need Dual Hydraulic Remotes.
* Maximum Gripping width is 74-3/4".
* Minimum Opening is 5-1/2" !
* Max Lift Capacity is 11,000lb's!!!
* Height in the open position is 34-1/4".
* Height in the Closed Position is 25-1/2".
* Width of the widest Claw is 18-3/4".
* Working Pressure Rating is 3625psi.
* Jaw Steel thickness is .85".
* Grapple weight is 775lb's.
* Rotator Head is CONTINUOUS in Both Directions!!!
* Maximum Load is 13,000lb's.
* Max Working Pressure is 3600psi.
* Torque Rating is 1180ft lb @ 2900psi.
* Pin Hole for attaching to Grapple Hanger is 1-3/8" Diameter.