650 kw wood-fired power plant


Subject: 650 kw wood-fired power plant
Wood-fired steam generating power plant complete with all buildings, one 600-hp 300-lb. rated hybrid boiler (water-tube with fire-tube). System has auto de-ash. System has a SEECO top unloading fuel storage system including incoming fuel belt and outgoing (to boiler) chain metering conveyor. Boiler complete with all controls. Also all water quality equipment is included. System has a 650 KW 480 volt electric generator with turbine and condensers. Also comes complete with all controls. The system was installed by Southern Engineering and Equipment Company (SEECO). This entire system was as large as could be installed to remain below the 30,000 BTU limit which triggers additional EPA emission regulation. This is considered a plus by most experts in the wood-energy field. The facility is available for observation upon request. It is being offered as-is/where-is at the plant site. All construction plans and operations manuals are available.