6000 lb all terrain tow motor forklift


Subject: 6000 lb all terrain tow motor forklift
I have this 6000 lb all terrain forklift from Tow motor. I have had the carburetor rebuilt on it, new fule lines and fuel filter put on it, the coil is brand new and the contacts in the distributor cap have been filed to give a good contact and this unit has a brand new battery as well. Oh and doesn't she purr. This forklift sounds so good when it fires up that I almost hate to have to sell it but that is the business that I have chosen. Here are some of the specs that you will probably want to know:
* total lift height is around 250 inches
* lowered mast height is around a 125 inches
* 6 cylinder continental engine
* all the spark plugs are in great shape.
* the transmission has been tested and it works great
* the clutch is in good shape
* there is new anti-freeze in it
This is going to be a jewel for you.
If there are any further questions please call me at