60 amp hansvedt conventional ram-type edm machine


Subject: 60 amp hansvedt conventional ram-type edm machine
60 Amp HANSVEDT Conventional Ram-Type EDM Machine With GROMAX Model 200A III Two-Axis CNC Orbiting System, Model: CS-20 Tradesman, S/N N/A (New 1994)
Maximum weight of work piece on table
Maximum distance platen to work table
Work tank size, inside dimensions
#COC-200A III GROMAX two-axis CNC orbicut system S/N 47520875 with dial
indicators for each axis and 30 Lb. Maximum electrode weight
#201E HANSVEDT "H-Pulse" 30 amp power supply S/N AP17955 on separate roll-
around stand with #SM155 30 amp single phase booster module S/N A17720
ACU-RITE Master G three-axis digital readout with .0001" resolution scales
SUNSPOT 20mm electrode holder mounted to a low profile adapter plate
DC servo motor and ball screw for drive for ram
8" x 12" TAFT PIERCE permanent magnetic chuck
Assorted electrode tooling and electrodes
Single phase electrics for machine, power supply, digtial readout, and orbiting system
Documentation for machine, power supply, digital readout, and orbiting system
(F.O.B. Truck, Wilmington, DE)