59 in x 20 in small cnc abrasive waterjet


Subject: 59 in x 20 in small cnc abrasive waterjet
New 59" x 20" work area. 7.5 HP, 22,000 PSI. Unit can cut with plain water or garnet depending on the material.
Enter the fascinating world of water-jet cutting technology !
incl. CNC control with software package
* advanced water-jet cutting center for pure-water and abrasive cutting at an extremely competitive price
* precisely cuts virtually any material
* quick programming on an integrated PC control with graphic user interface, includes software package
* high-dynamic DC servo motors and perfectly tuned drive system
* integrated high-pressure pump, 7.5 Hp for virtually maintenance-free operation
• Abrasive Cutting for steel, aluminum, marble, compound materials and much more
• Pure-Water Cutting for rubber, plastic, foam foamed materials and much more
The water-jet is a universal tool with many advantages:
* no thermal stresses, hardening, or tensions on the part
* no dust, smoke or toxic fumes
* small kerf width, clean cut edge
* virtually burr-free cuts = no rework necessary
* direct plunge-cut any place
* very low mechanical stress on the workpiece
* CNC control and software package
Total Price for Pure-Water Cutting