58 cases of unused solusorb solvent adsorbent buysafe


Subject: 58 cases of unused solusorb solvent adsorbent buysafe
Our Asset #: KSC129 / 1225 A20
Asking price or please call or email to make offers!
Manufactures Suggested Retail Price when new
Selling this lot of new product for 30 cents on the dollar or best offer!
We talked directly to the factory and they said this product sells for almost $ 400 per 40 lbs making this lot sell new for $ 22,147.30.
These items came from a semiconductor wafer plant and was in their new spare parts inventory.
If you would like to purchase less than all of the 58 tubs we have in stock please call Robin or Avery at ext. 112 and give them this asset # KSC129 / 1225 A20.
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Asset Class: Semiconductor, PCB Equipment
Ad Description: 58 cases of unused SOLUSORB Solvent Adsorbent
Subtitle: Hazardous toxic toxin neutralizer and adsorbent
Mfgr: J. T. Becker/Millinckodt
Location: COM: Comfort TX. ZIP 78013
-For Reference Only-Solvent absorbant not the kit its the material
• Immediately reacts with solvents to reduce the amount of solvent vapors and raise the flashpoint of the mixture
SOLUSORB® for Solvent Spills reduces hazardous vapors. Most organic solvents are either flammable or toxic, or both! When a solvent is spilled it is critical to minimize vapors immediately. Released vapors pose a significant fire or health hazard. Blotting with a paper towel actually increases the vapors! SOLUSORB® reacts immediately with spilled solvent, reducing solvent vapors and raising the flash point of the mixture. Click here for solvent adsorption capacities.