50HP 200CFM ir type 40 m# 50H air compressor 250 psi+++


Subject: 50HP 200CFM ir type 40 m# 50H air compressor 250 psi+++
50hp 200 cfm Ingersol Rand Type 40 2-stage reciprocating air compressor Model 50H rated to 250 PSI.
This is a triple head piston compressor. The side heads do the initial compression and the center head does the final compression.
The belt guard has been repaired and repainted.
Note the serious intercooler (black-below).
The motor on the unit when we got it had a short to ground so we replaced it with this matching Westinghouse 50 hp motor.
There looks to be an oil level switch and a few control type electricals but we have not used or tested these. You will have to provide your own motor starter and disconnect, etc. (also available from us for nominal additional cost-but you can probably do it locally for less).
1986 mfg date. No hour meter so no idea how much it has been used.
Similar items may be available listed separately or on request.
Might be just what you need for your
serious piston air compressor application.
Condition looks good used. We tested it to about 170 psi (as high as our gauge would go) by throttling the output with a ball valve. Unit runs great. The air blast and noise at 170 psi is horrific (that's a good thing in this case).
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