5" g&l fraser model 80DP5T horizontal boring mill


Subject: 5" g&l fraser model 80DP5T horizontal boring mill
5"GIDDINGS&LEWIS FRASER Table Type Horizontal Boring Mill
Model 80DP5T S/N 150-1477 (New 1977)
Diameter of spindle 5.12"
Taper in spindle #50 ANS power draw bolt
Spindle traverse 36"
Headstock vertical travel 84"
Table working surface 60" x 96"
Table cross travel 84"
Bed length 120"
Saddle length 156"
Saddle width 54"
Saddle travel without end support 82"
Auxiliary runway length 135"
(45)Spindle speeds 7.5-975 R.P.M.
(36)Spindle feeds .002-.250 I.P.R.
Rapid traverse rate, all movements 120 I.P.M.
Approximate table load capacity 30,000 Lbs.
HEIDENHAIN three-axis digital readout with floor stand
Hardened, in-the-floor auxillary saddle supports
Hardened, replaceable bed and saddle ways
Pendant control with joystick, spindle motor load meter, and adjustable dials for controlling feed rates
Automatic electro-hydraulic clamping
30 H.P. spindle drive motor with Square D electrical controls
Machine is wired for 3/60/460 volt operation.
Approximate Weight: 60,000 Lbs.
F.O.B Truck, Hauppauge, NY 11788