48" westendorf quick attach pallet forks


Subject: 48" westendorf quick attach pallet forks
Brand New Westendorf Model FL-48, 48" Pallet Forks for Westendorf Loaders with Quick-Attach Brackets.
* These Great Pallet Forks are suitable for the following Westendorf Loaders:
* CC Series; 330, 340 & 360.
* TA Series; 26, 28, 29, 45, 46, 48, 76 & 77.
* WL Series; 21, 27, 42 & 49.
* These 48" Long Pallet Forks are Fixed to a Heavy Duty Frame and are built to be sutiable for use with all applicable Westendorf Loaders.
* Industrial Strength Forks are 1-1/2" Thick!
* Photo shows Red Tines, but they may be Red or Black.
Plus, we are glad to say Westendorf Products are MADE IN THE USA!
Pallet Forks on Front End loaders Work Great! We use Pallet Forks on our Front End Loader for On & Off-Loading Palletized Equipment. Plus, with the Q/A feature, we can switch from the forks to the Loader bucket in seconds.
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