42" magnetic field chamber electro-magnet fiberglass co


Subject: 42" magnetic field chamber electro-magnet fiberglass co
42" Magnetic Field Chamber Non-Conductive Fiberglass Construction.
We don't really know what this is or was for but it sure looks to us like it was to create a specific shape of magnetic field.
The chamber is currently held in place on the stand with 3 tenuous looking bands of strapping tape.
The 2 main feed conductors look to be about 1" by 1/8 solid copper straps.
The individual conductor braids look to have a cross section of about .5 by .125". There appears to be a cooling tube under each conductor.
The chamber is about 42 inches long and 27" in diameter (outside)
The chamber wall is 1.5" thick fiberglass.
The supporting blocks look to be phenolic.
The frame is 4" fiberglass angles.
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Might be just what you need for your moderately large magnetic field chamber application.
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