40 coaster pager restaurant customer pagers paging sys


Subject: 40 coaster pager restaurant customer pagers paging sys
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* 1 Hostess Transmitter V6 Complete
(Upgrade to Trinity System, which can also page a cell phone for $250 More)
* 1 Coaster Charger 8-45 (Holds up to 45 Coasters)
Coaster Call™ IV is the most advanced coaster pager on the market. The system is easy to install and maintain. The coasters stack on top of each other on a charger base. When removed, they flash for five seconds to indicate what a page looks like. Coaster Call™ IV contains advanced features that are not available with any other paging systems.
* Built-in clock for hostess
* Rechargeable batteries (5-yr life)
* Patented stack-charging design
* Optional Star Pagers™ or battery-operated pagers for the manager
* Staff knows who has been paged.
* Guests won’t miss the call.
* Visual paging alerts guests and staff.
* Guests can be greeted by name.
Coaster Call IV Specifications:
Available colors: blue ($4 Extra per Coaster), clear and smoked
Operating frequency: 467.75 MHz
Battery recharge time: 8 hrs
Power requirements: 120VAC/240VAC
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