4 station rotary heat-sealing blister packaging machine


Subject: 4 station rotary heat-sealing blister packaging machine
Excellent condition! Bought new last June, and used less than 4 hours for sample packaging.
* No special electrical wiring required. Works on standard household 110 power.
* Adjustable sealing temperature.
* Adjustable dwell time (the time the platen stays compressed over the packaging station).
* Automatic production unit counter.
* Used to seal heat-sensitive blister cards to clamshells but will seal any small or large heat-sensitive packaging.
* Heat platen size is 19" wide X 12 3/4" high.
* Four station bases are 18" wide X 12" high.
* Table dimensions are 48" diameter X 34" high.
* Weight is approximately 400 lbs.
* You will need a compressor to run this equipment.
* You can easily make tray forms to fit your specific sizes out of plywood. The trays are held in position by an upper and lower 3/8" steel pin.
* Contact us for questions or more information.
* 100% guaranteed to work when it arrives.