4 1/2" davis standard extruder 20/1 ld 50 hp


Subject: 4 1/2" davis standard extruder 20/1 ld 50 hp
You are looking at a set of Machinaries of floor matting, runners & shelf liner equipment including the followings:
1. PVC gripper matting equipment with extra gripper roll
2. 4 1/2" extruder controls & scrap grinders
3. 4 1/2" extruder controls, turrent winder & poly rib runner equipment
4. 4 1/2" Davis Standard Extruder 20/1 LD 50 HP Reliance DC driver, Extra worm
5. Athena electronic heat controls
These machines are in excellent working conditions, and currently in service.
Please call for any questions or inquiry.
Various factories in the United States
Floor matting, runners & shelf liner machines
Currently in service, and are in excellent working conditions.
20 Pounds (including the box and packaging materials)
Standard 1 year manufacturer defect warranty as on all Marcati Optical Products
Other manufacturers sell similiar items for over $600!
Owner will retire after these machines sold.
Other items available for sale separately are as follows:
Please call for further information.
* 40" wide electronically controlled overhead nip rolls with collapsing frame, gusset blades and idler roll
* Some of the many film treater units
* Some of the nine air rings from 5" to 15 1/2"
* Polymaster M-20 sideweld tubular bag machine-spiral, conveyor behind
* 4 1/2" & 10" osciliating blown film dies on casters with air suppliers
* Altair 16-30 bag machine with double unwind & hole punchers
* 12000 lbs. water clean flexible vinyl sheet pieces 85 shore A
* 2500 lbs. Above vinyl plastic reground
* 1000 lbs. clear rigid vinyl sheet pieces
* 3000 lbs. virgin clear flexible vinyl pellets 85/90 shore A
* 1000 lbs. virgin transparent yellow vinyl pellets 85 shore A
* 2000 lbs. above yellow vinyl plastics reground
* 2500 lbs. low density black polyethylene film grade pellets
* 1500 lbs. low density extruded belting and printed polyethylene bags & first quality clear polyethylene film 1" to 40"
25,000 lbs. approximately total
Samples are available on request.