300MSPS, 4-ch, arbitrary waveform generator, pci card


Subject: 300MSPS, 4-ch, arbitrary waveform generator, pci card
The DA4300 is a (4) channel, 12-bit, 300 MegaSample/second, mid-sized PCI card and is designed to be installed into your computer's PCI slot. The software we provide is primarily for software developers (C drivers), but we also provide a simple GUI that allows you to read a waveform you create and store in a text file.
We offer a full 1 year limited warranty on this card. You also have 14 days to determine if it will work for your particular application.
- 300 MS/s, 12-bit vertical resolution
- 1 MEG memory standard on each channel
- Single mid-sized PCI compliant card
- SFDR less than -50 dB at 100 MHz
- Full scale Trise/Tfall = 2.5ns typical
- Program up to 32K independent segments
- Program up to 16K loops/segment
- (1) TTL marker outputs standard
- SMA Connectors on all signals
- Software Drivers for Windows 95, 98, NT,2000, XP
Please feel free to email us if you have any questions or would like to see the full data sheet, manual, and software drivers.