3000 amp bolted pressure boltswitch evm 3612-st fused


Subject: 3000 amp bolted pressure boltswitch evm 3612-st fused
3000Amp Bolted Pressure Switch
This 3000Amp boltswitch Bolted Pressure Switch is in Excellent condition and has very little use. This transfer switch was in excellent operating condition when it was removed from service. This unit is very clean as well. These switches were being used for 2 phase, that's why there are 2 fuses in them instead of 3 in the picture. I DO however have the 3rd fuse from each of the switches and I can include it when sent out.
If you need more photo's I can send them to you. If you have any questions, I will do my best to answer them. Please be as specific as you can.
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