300 gallon ross versamix mixer - s/s - vacuum -jacketed


Subject: 300 gallon ross versamix mixer - s/s - vacuum -jacketed
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1 - used Ross Versamix Mixer, model PVM-300. Full capacity - 398 gallons, mixing capacity - 150 to 300 gallons. Stainless steel contact parts. Jacketed mix can with insulation, vacuum top cover with approx. 5 3/4 in. sightglass, 2 3/4 in. inlet and various other top inlets. With top cover mounted vacuum/pressure gauge. Floor mount change can style (mix can is removed from the side) with air/oil hydraulic lift. With high speed disperser and side/bottom anchor scrape agitation. Anchor motor is 20 HP 3/50/380V, 1470 RPM, 31 amp (Please contact us regarding this voltage setup). Disperser motor tag is missing (appears to be larger than the other motor). Top cover with (6) screw down clamps for securing to mix can. Off center bottom outlet to elbow for discharge off to right side. Approx. OAD - 6 ft. wide x 12 ft. 2 in. long x 131 in. high (lowered). Inside of mix can is approx. 55 1/2 in. dia. x 38 in. deep. Control panel with power on/off, start/stop for both anchor & disperser, control power on, buttons for raise/lower anchor speed & raise/lower disperser speed, digital speed readout for anchor & disperser, A/C Amp meters anchor & disperser, Omega temperature mix can digital readout, reset button and light for high temp. mix can. Separate Honeywell chart recorder panel for mix can temp with the following digital controls: func, lower disp, manual/auto, chart, setup, up/down, run/hold. This mixer is being offered by itself or with a 300 gallon discharge ram press for an additional cost. Ross model 300 DISCH with stainless steel plate approx. 55 in dia. Approx. 40 in. stroke. Driven by a 5 HP 3/60/208-230/460V U.S. Motors unimount high efficiency motor. With Honeywell controller. Ram also has a Hayden Blower model ECONO #1, 300 psi. Ram OAD approx. 100 in. wide x 64 in. deep x 10 ft. high. Hydraulic unit model #Z-21188-5, rated 2.3 GPM, max. press - 1500. Omega Panel for ram pump pressure with digital readout. F.O.B. - CLEVELAND, OH