30 kw lesco tunnel chain conveyor oven 14X2' $64K rpc


Subject: 30 kw lesco tunnel chain conveyor oven 14X2' $64K rpc
30KW LESCO FCM1204 188 by 14-24 Tunnel Chain Conveyor Oven-NICE-like new!!!. Factory replacement cost about $64,000.
We don't have specs or documentation or manuals for this unit (we have not attempted to get them from the factory) but it looks like it has 3 heat zones and we are guessing it can heat from ambient temperature up to 550 degrees F or so, based on our experience with other similar units. Note that the belt chain is stainless. There are repair parts for the chain included.
The following link goes to the factory web site.
LESCO UV- Division of American Ultraviolet- Conveyors- Custom
Note the bank of cooling fans on the exit end. Also note the air/gas blanket "knives" on each end.
FCM1204 Conveyor Convection Oven SN 00471001 240V 75 amp 3 phase.
The current belt chain is 14" wide but it looks like the overall interior width could take up to 24" width.
Overall unit with is about 40 inches and height is about 63 inches.
Total overall length is about 191 inches.
Other similar items may be available listed separately or on request.
Might be just what you need for your really serious shrink tunnel oven application.
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