3-pt mounted, pto driven stump grinder, 34" cut'g wheel


Subject: 3-pt mounted, pto driven stump grinder, 34" cut'g wheel
Brand New Baumalight Model 3P34, 3-Pt Mounted, PTO Driven Stump Grinder for Cat 2, 3pt Hitches.
* Rated for Tractors from 40 to 100HP.
* The 3P34 has a Sturdy 3/4" Thick X 34" Dia, Cutting Wheel with a Whopping 54 Teeth!!!
* Price includes the Base Unit, a 540 RPM PTO Shaft, Hydraulic Hoses & Tips - Complete & Ready to Use!
* These Bauma Light Stump Grinders are STOUT UNITS with a Very Heavy Duty Frame, weighing a Whopping 1320lb's.
* With a 3-point Mounted Stump Grinder, you get the manuverability of your Tractor.
Specifications are as follows:
* Dimensions are 90" Long & 48" Wide.
* Cutting Wheel / Rotor is 3/4" thick X 34" Diameter with 54 Bolt-in Teeth!
* Cutting Wheel Speed is 810 RPM.
* Max Cutting Depth is 9" below ground.
* Max cutting Depth per pass is 9".
* Max Horizontal cut is 32".
* Requires 5 to 20 GPM & 2 Hydraulic Remotes.
* Floating Wood Chip Deflector is included.
Plus, We are glad to say Baumalight Stumpgrinders are Made in North America!!!
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