30 gardner double opposed disc grinder (#7366)


Subject: 30 gardner double opposed disc grinder (#7366)
Automatic equalizer and two plain leveling jacks for base support
Common parts for coolant through both spindles and hood
Automatic Trabon grease pump lubrication for centralized way and spindle scals.
Spindle & slide assemblies, right hand & left hand úStabilign with bearing spindles.
a) Slides with anti-friction side gibbing
c) Head setting indicator parts with .001 indicator
Right hand & left hand feed movement dial indicators.
Feed screw increments feed, right hand & left hand, Acme screws with face cut
(.040 stroke per head) and micrometer adj. dial both heads.
Power increment feed, right hand & left hand, including parts with face cut, step motor
control, increment feed inward (.0001 increments) and motorized rapid feeds
inward & outward (no handwheels).
Right hand spindle motor driving including 30 HP, 1800 RPM, totally enclosed,
fan cooled, ball bearing motor (230 / 460 Volt)
Hood with hinged top opening provision.
Hydraulically operated arm dresser for use with swinging arm fixture including
non-forked dresser arm for diamond dressing.
Hydraulic control unit with double pump.
Locating guide for use with supports columns.
Side guides for use with Locating Rings.
Swinging arm type fixture, including all necessary controls (less workpiece tooling).
30 Diameter precision steel disc wheel, including abrasive mounting screw & wrench
Electrical control equipment, including machine mounted cabinet(s) and necessary
Warranty & Leasing Options Available