2950 - mobile snack bar on six large casters - kiosk


Subject: 2950 - mobile snack bar on six large casters - kiosk
This Listing #2950 is the "TIME OUT" Universal Snack Bar ONLY
READY - MADE KIOSK !! NOTE: Can take up to six weeks for this item to be made. Usually special order.
This attractive "selling gold mine" has it all - includes the stainless steel counter top with a totally cool mezzanine display across the top.
Put a Cotton Candy machine, a Popper, a Slush Machine, a Nacho machine, a Hot Dog Roller Grill and you have it all!. (Shown above with a Cheese Mixer/Display #2346 -all items sold in the store)
Each of the shown items are sold in the Action Snacks store
Only the Snack Bar unit is included, NO other machines or items.
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