25KW guardian generator set standby power three phase


Subject: 25KW guardian generator set standby power three phase
* 60 Hz three phase
* 87 amps @ 120/208 volts 0.8 pf
* 1.6L naturally aspirated
* Water-cooled 4 cylinder engine
* 3600 rpm speed
* 45 horsepower @ 3600rpm
* 12volt deep cycle battery included
* battery charger
* natural gas or propane
* 71dB @ 20 feet
* ISO 9001 certification
* UL 2200 listed
* Weight: 794 lbs
Indicating lights for low fuel pressure, low battery, low oil pressure, high coolant temp, overspeed, overcrank. Automatic shutdowns on low oil pressure, low coolant level, high water temp, and generator overspeed. Electric start with main breaker installed.
1/2 load natural gas = 253 ft3/hr
3/4 load natural gas = 345 ft3/hr
Full load natural gas = 437 ft3/hr
1/2 load propane = 2.8 galons/hr
3/4 load propane = 3.8 gallons/hr
Full load propane = 4.8 gallons/hr
Continous prime rating is 23KW
12 hour standby rating is 25KW
This generating set is made in america in Whitewater, Wisconsin. We are an authorized Guardian distributor. This unit has a 2 year manufactures warranty.
The generating set is designed to run continuously or as a back up power supply. The synchronous generator features sealed ball bearing and flexible coupling. Popular options include aluminum enclosures and built in transfer switches. Aluminum enclosure option $1050 extra and weighs only 704 pounds.