25KW generac quiet source model 5325


Subject: 25KW generac quiet source model 5325
SquareTrade AP6.0The Generac QuietSourceTM Liquid-Cooled Generators Home/Light commercial Standby Power system is the new premium line of backup generators by Generac Power Systems, providing reliable standby electricity for homes and small businesses 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When quiet operation is the most important factor for your application, QuietSource is the solution.
The QuietSource liquid-cooled model is a pre-packaged, permanently installed, automatic generator system. The system is designed to supply electrical power to pre-selected emergency circuits in the event of a power outage. A home or business maintains essential operation of lighting, heat, water, office equipment or appliances.
When utility power fails the appropriate Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) signals the generator to produce electrical power to the selected circuits. In 30 seconds or less you have the backup power you need...automatically.
Your Generac Stand-by generator system constantly monitors your electrical service and within seconds of an outage automatically starts up and safely provides electricity to your home or business for as long as needed.
When electric power is restored, the Generac Stand-by generator system safely and automatically switches you back to your utility company and shuts off, ready for the next outage.
Fully Automatic Operation The stand-by generator system is designed to operate automatically with no intervention during an outage. It's so smart it even automatically exercises itself every 7 days - so it is always ready when needed!
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Unit has an aluminum enclosure and runs at 3600 RPM