2500 insulated janus model roll-up door 16'0" x 16'0"


Subject: 2500 insulated janus model roll-up door 16'0" x 16'0"
The Janus door features the Torque Tube Barrel which is the newest design of the Roll-Up door on the market. Other companies have an extended sheet at the top of their door that wraps around the axle, but the Janus door actually has a Torque Tube Barrel. This Torque Tube Barrel not only protects the springs from rust and possible spring break from exposure to the elements, but it also provides an unprecedented amount of strength for the door. This means that the Janus door is stronger and better protected than any other door on the market.
(Janus Series 2500I Shop Drawing)
Janus Series 2500 Roll-Up Door
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* The Door Is Manufactured Upon Order - We Do Not Carry Stock Door's
* All Door's Are Backed By Janus's Full Warranty
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Janus Color Swatch Chart & Information
* These coil coating color selections are available for all of our sheet doors manufactured by Janus International Corporation. While color names listed here may be identical to other companies, we do not guarantee an exact color match. Actual color chips are available upon request.
* All silicon polyester colors shown are stocked standard colors and backed by a film integrity warranty for twenty-five (25) years guaranteed to hold up against cracking, checking or peeling. In addition, these colors are guaranteed not to chalk or fade for twenty (20) years.
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* Series 2500I Roll-Up Door Brochure
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