250 ton press w/ 48" x 30" x 4" thick table & hydraulic


Subject: 250 ton press w/ 48" x 30" x 4" thick table & hydraulic
250 Ton PRESS w/ Hydraulic Pump(s)
Asking price or please call or email to make offers!
Manufactures Suggested Retail Price when new was: $132,000.00Photos of actual asset
Hydraulic Pump goes w/ large press
1. Go to CENTRAL FREIGHT LINES@ https://cicsc.centralfreight.com/cics/cwba/mkoi51
2. Enter: Zip 78013, enter your zip / our discount rate is 64 / the wt of this machine is above / the class is 85
3. Be sure to look at the very bottom right-hand corner for the DISCOUNTED RATE!
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250 Ton PRESS w/ 48" x 30" x 4" thick table & Hydraulic
Condition: Clean & looks good but we are not familiar enough with this asset to rate it.
Tested: Reported to us to have been working when removed from service!
Please see inspection report below for 3rd party inspection reports when available
Horsepower / Amps / KW / KVA: NA
DRW1: Main Del Rio TX. ZIP 78840
Full or partial truck loads: please contact your truck broker or www.freightquote.com
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