24KW diesel generator set 120 240 volt prime power


Subject: 24KW diesel generator set 120 240 volt prime power
Why pay MSRP when you can own this diesel generator for a fraction of the retail price...
This is an industrial high quality generator that will last a long time... High end construction , super heavy duty frame.. Built to last !!
· Ratings - Single Phase - 120 / 240 V / 200 amps @ 120 / 100 amps @ 240
· Radiator 40 Deg C ambient Temperature mounted on skid
· Control Panel is auto Start Control Unit with Mode Switch
· Voltmeter and Selector Switch
· Ammeter and Selector Switch
· Safety function for: high water temperature, low oil pressure, overspeed
· Rubber mounting for Engine and Alternator
· 24 V Battery with Battery Cables and Rack
· Industrial Silencer with Flexible Bellows and Flanges
· Skid Based Fuel Tank with Fuel Gauge
· Output terminal for load cable
This unit comes with a standard sub-base fuel tank - around 29 gallons (optional larger auxillary fuel cells are available for upgrade purchase. )
Standard list price is as follows - :
Model # Engine Alternator Sale Price MSRP
This generator would work great for a business or residence- hotel, hospital, agricultural, nursery, etc.......It can run as standby or prime power.
If you should have any questions, please email....