24" x 72" french country style copper cupola/cupolas


Subject: 24" x 72" french country style copper cupola/cupolas
Your Home Will Evoke A Myriad Of Looks When You Crown It With This Meticulously Crafted European Style French Curve Cupola
This Item Was Handcrafted From The Finest Quality Of 16 oz Copper.
This item is made up of 3 separate sections: Top, Louver & Base sections
The full measurement of this piece is 24" (square base) x approx. 72" (tall).
This item fits a roof pitch between a 12/12 & 18/12.
Not Completely Visible In Other Pictures Is This Unique Gem Shape Located Below The Spire
Other Sizes Available: Email us for sizes and pricing.
Pictured Below: 36" Double Louvered 'French Country' Square Base Cupola - Email Us For Price
Patina can be added at an additional charge.
After purchasing, please email us at . This item can be cut to fit on site - or - if you would like, we can have it custom cut for you at no extra charge. If you would like us to custom cut it for you, please request it in your email - include roof pitch. Please email us if you are needing quantities above what is shown in store inventory.
How To Choose The Right Size Cupola:
Measure the unbroken (horizontal/before it slopes) roof line/section that you have chosen to install your cupola. Figure that you will need 1 - 1 1/4 inch of Cupola base per 1 foot of Roof Line. For example; If your roof section measures 20' then the minimum cupola base that should be used is 20-25". If the Cupola is too small, it will be out of proportion with the scale of your structure.
How To Measure Your Roof Pitch
Please Allow Approximately 3 1/2 Weeks For Delivery. Cupolas May Be Delivered In 3 Separate Boxes. Some Assembly Will Be Required
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